This year HCFF is pleased to offer two different submissions platforms: the standard Withoutabox system and our new Google submission form.  In an effort to make the submissions process as user-friendly as possible, the comparatively bare-bones Google form is there for any U.S. student who would like to fully participate in the festival, but may not have as much experience with the Withoutabox platform.  Use whichever format you feel is best for you, both will be accepted on an equal basis.  For U.S. filmmakers who are making their first leap into the festival circuit, the Google form may be the easier option, but it is also worth considering using the opportunity of submitting work to HCFF to get more fully acquainted with Withoutabox as it is one of the most commonly used submissions interfaces for film festivals around the world.  Withoutabox is also the system we are choosing to use for ALL INTERNATIONAL SUBMISSIONS as its design lends itself best to minimizing the kind of issues that naturally crop-up when accepting films from the world over.  Your choices this year will have an impact on determining which submissions systems HCFF will continue to use in the future, and so just by submitting through your preferred platform it will help us make the submissions process continually better in the coming years.

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